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An annual boiler service is something every household has to go through. Choose DJay Plumbing & Heating for your professional and thorough boiler service in Cardiff and surrounding areas.
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Book your Cardiff boiler service before it’s too late

With the harshness of the weather becoming greater as the years pass by, there is much more emphasis on getting your boiler properly serviced to ensure any risks of breakdown are thwarted before they cause a real storm in your home – especially before winter.
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Save money on repairs & heating costs

The biggest boiler problems often occur from the smallest of faults. By conducting an annual boiler service, you increase the chances of identifying and resolving these, saving you heaps of money and future hassle. By choosing DJay Plumbing & Heating for your boiler service, you will get an approved engineer that will ensure your boiler is running as efficiently as possible, making strides to lower your heating bills.

Our boiler service checklist

  • Conduct a gas tightness test
  • Check for suitable ventilation
  • Test flue for removal of combustion materials
  • Conduct a spillage test
  • Ensure all safety devices are working correctly
  • Inspect heat exchangers, combustion fan, casing, seals and circulating pump
  • Inspect all visible pipework and heating controls
  • Clean the boiler’s condensate
  • Inspect CO/CO2 ratios
  • Inspect signs of unsafe operation
  • Test gas rate and burner pressure
  • Conduct any further gas safety checks required.

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