Gas Fire Repairs & Services

DJay Plumbing & heating offer professional gas fire repairs and servicing to ensure your fireplace is back up and running in no time.
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Affordable repairs that last

If you’ve experienced a gas fire breakdown, you’ve come to the right place! Our Gas Safe registered plumbing and heating engineers provide swift, affordable repairs that last the test of time. When possible, we will get to you within 24 hours and offer fixes for most common issues on the first visit.

Gas Fire Services

Save money & time with a proper service

The biggest gas fire problems often occur from minor faults. By conducting a thorough gas fire service, you increase the chances of finding and avoiding these issues before they cause a potential disaster, saving you money and time on dealing with it in the future.

Prevent CO2 poisoning

Gas fires that aren’t installed properly, maintained or ventilated can produce harmful levels of carbon monoxide. Signs of CO2 are difficult to identify and can often be confused with fatigue or the common cold. Unfortunately, this silent killer cannot be seen or smelt, so it’s imperative to ensure your gas fire is serviced at least once a year for maximum protection.

Our boiler service checklist

  • Conduct a gas tightness test
  • Check for suitable ventilation
  • Test flue for removal of combustion materials
  • Conduct a spillage test
  • Ensure all safety devices are working correctly
  • Inspect heat exchangers, combustion fan, casing, seals and circulating pump
  • Inspect all visible pipework and heating controls
  • Inspect signs of unsafe operation
  • Test gas rate and burner pressure
  • Conduct any further gas safety checks required.

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